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Our membership program was created to better support our communities in our mission to make a difference. Currently, we are striving to make that difference in our rescue mission for both large and small animals. 

Our vision is to be able to expand into mental health missions and connect our rescue animals with kids of our communities. We aim to one day provide therapeutic classes to underprivileged kids at low or no cost and to reach kids stuck in hospitals-we want them to know that there is a world of love thinking of them. 

Our business is dedicated to putting 100% of our profits into making a difference and we won’t stop. We are able to give back to our members with special discounts and member only events as a thank you for your shared passion! 

Over 90% of the animals we bring in are rescues. Every bit of help goes a long way, especially when we all pull together. 


Here are just the basics:

32 horses = 110+ bags of feed each month

               +/- 150 bales of hay each month

                    128 hooves to keep trimmed/shod

                    32 sets of deworming every three months

                    32 sets of shots and coggins each year

+ 4 Goats, 3 Pigs, 1 Cow, 7 Chickens, 1 Duck and 11 Dogs 

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